The Project

We are 6 schools in Denmark, Iceland, England, Finland, Turkey and Malta who want to join forces to enhance ACTIVE learning. We want our pupils to become ACTIVE learners with ACTIVE body and mind. In the course of our project, both students and teachers learn about the importance of developing a Growth Mindset, especially when learning something new. We want our pupils to become more resilient in terms of learning and become aware of their individual way of learning. We want to develop the teachers┬┤ICT- skills and competences so they can offer the pupils more varied learning opportunities with the use of various ICT tools and apps. We also want the teachers become better in using opportunities to add more exercise for the pupils during the school day. We will offer the pupils peer-learning opportunities through sharing project work via e-Twinning and by arranging 4 Learning Activities in the partner schools. Our teachers will have the 3 different Teacher Training Activities.