Meeting in Denmark

Animated Learning and Outdoor Learning


LA in Denmark TEACHERS program

LA in Denmark PUPILS program

School Presentations:

Malta : GCSS Active Denmark

Lessons: Gallarija lesson on Symmetry by Johnny Azzopardi, Malta.

Maltese Balcony Symmetry Patterns


Learning/Training activity in Denmark in February 2022


We worked with Martin and Sia from Animation Workshop and Lommefilm (pocket film). They are in charge of a project that is called
It is about dreams for the future. Here´s intro: Since the beginning of mankind one of the basic forces that drives us as human beings, is the imagination. The ability to hope and dream. And to turn those hopes and dreams into reality.Now it is your turn to tell about your hopes and dreams by making a film.”

Film with the Turkish team (boys)

We worked with Amanda and Magdi from They taught us the secrets of making an animation film. We used the Piximakey animation box that they have developed, together with the piximakey app. All partners got a piximakey animation box to bring home.
Films from Danish pupils: