Project Visits

Staff Training Activities


There are in all 3 Staff Training Activities in the course of our 2-year project. Here you can find information about the activities.


1. Staff Training Activity in Malta Sep 28th – Oct 4th 2019

Host: Gozo College Secondary School, Victoria, Malta

Focus on Active and Passive Learning, Growth Mindset, eTwinning and Project administration.


2. Staff Training Activity in England March 26th – April 1st 2022

Host: Howes Primary School, Coventry, England

Focus on how to use movement in learning to help learners to be more active mentally and physically.

This activity is organized jointly with Howes Primary School and Coventry University´s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership-project called “Promoting Social, Emotional, and Learning Skils of Students with and without Special Education Needs by Developing Teachers Capabilities in Music, Dance and Digital Competences”.


3. Staff Training Activity in Turkey May 22nd – 26th 2022

Host: Can Ibrahim Bodur Anadolu Lisesi, Can, Turkey

Focus on ACTIVE sharing: Learning apps, evaluation tools and sustainability



Pupil Learning Activities

In our Erasmus+ ACTIVE project, we will arrange 4 Learning Activities for pupils, where a group of pupils from each partner school get together to collaborate and learn.

Here is a short description of each Learning Activity.

Nov 30th – Dec 6th 2019

Host: Tehtaankadun Koulu in Helsinki, Finland

Theme: ACTIVE Body and Mind in Varied Learning Environments


May 16th – May 22nd 2020 (Postponed due to Covid-19)

Host: Howes Primary School in Coventry, England in collaboration with Deisruptive Meadia Learning Lab t Coventry University

Theme: Beaconing – Location Based Activities

(Beaconing = Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gamefull Learning)


Nov 20th – Nov 26th 2021

Host: Brekkuskóli in Akureyri, Iceland in collaboration with Akureyri University´s Teacher Training Department

Theme: Healthy and Active Body and MInd – Coding, Robotics, Moving


Feb 5th – Feb 11th 2022

Host: Nordre Skole in Viborg, Denmark in collaboration with Animation Workshop, VIA-University College and Nature School

Theme: Animated Learning and Outdoor Learning