Nordre Skole – Denmark

Here are some samples of our work on displays in Denmark in October 2019.



On October 7th – 11th 2019 our pupils in classes 4-6 worked on a Erasmus+ ACTIVE display on our wall. This work will continue in the coming months
















November 2019:

  • Meetings with the group of pupils going to LA in Finland and their parents
  • Brain Break Challenge for the staff as a part of our Erasmus+ activities
  • The presentation of Erasmus+ ACTIVE project was added in the schools new homepage
  • A link to the webpage and twinspace was added in the school´s webpage


October 2019:

  • We produced 2 films about C1  ACTIVE Staff Training in Gozo, Malta, and shared them with our partners schools and in our Twinspace
  • Week 41 the Erasmus+ ACTIVE project was presented to whole school. Pupils in classes 4-6 worked whole week with Erasmus+ country knowledge, displays, Growth Mindset and different sport & collaboration activities, all linked to our project
  • The steering team encouraged the pupils to apply for C2, Pupil Learning Activity in Helsinki, Finland in November 30th – December 6th
  • Staff going to Pupil LA in Finland had a meeting on October 23rd 2019

September 2019:

  • Elisa (the coordinator) and Dorthe (the head of economics) took part in the Erasmus+ start seminar in Odense about the contract rules, economy and reporting in Mobility Tool+ on September 9th 2019. The seminar was arranged by the Danish NA.
  • We had a meeting in Erasmus+ steering group on September 11th about the Erasmus+ start seminar, economy and the coming presentation of the project to the staff.
  • We had a planning meeting with the teachers going to the C1 on September 11th. We talked about the programme, agenda and shared tasks.
  • Elisa wrote an information letter of the project to be added on the school´s webpage on Sept 13th 2019. The letter was also sent to all parents of the school as well as the Municipality´s Education Board.
  • Elisa had a meeting with the school senior leader and head of classes 4-6 on September 16th 2019.
  • The Erasmus+ steering group will give a presentation for the staff about the project during Pedagogical Development meeting on September 26th 2019

August 2019:

  • Erasmus steering group at Nordre has had several meetings about the project during August and September 2019.