ACTIVE Week in Denmark

October 7th – 11th 2019

The week before Autumn holiday is always a theme week at Nordre Skole in Denmark. This year the main theme of the week was to get our Erasmus+ ACTIVE project started, to do different kinds of exercise, to work with Growth Mindset, collaborate and challenge yourself.

Pupils from classes 4-6 (9-12 years old) were working in mixed groups, taking part in different workshops like

  • Growth Mindset – a presentation to all pupils by the coach in our local swimming club, where she focused on the importance of your attitude towards learning (eg. try-fail-try again, challenge yourself).
  • Erasmus+ ACTIVE – a presentation of our project countries, goals and activities. All pupils made country-fact worksheets and coloured the flags of the countries.
  • Erasmus+ ACTIVE –  a wall painting of the project countries. We also drew and formed small people using soft clay. These “people” present the diversity of the world, and they will be added to our Erasmus+ wall with a globe.
  • Pupils biked to our local Street Sports-center called “Street Mekka” to try different kinds of Street Sports.
  • Pupils walked to the Gymnastics Center called VGF to try out Trampolining and Floor Gymnastics.
  • Cooking Classes where pupils made buns and jam for our joint breakfast on Friday.
  • Other workshops included science, film and cooking on bonfire

On Friday morning we had a joint breakfast in our assembly hall and after that, all pupils biked to a forest and had a day with different types of quizzes and collaborative activities. A great week indeed!